Application for Registering an Individual Olde English Bulldogge

National Bulldogge Association and Registry


  Please type or print clearly.


Dog’s COMPLETE Name: ________________________________________________________________....


Date of Birth:  _______________            Male_____       or      Female _____  (check one)


Description of Dog (Color and Markings):________________________________________________________________


BREEDER OF DOG/PUP:________________________________________________________________ 

Sire  and Dam  INFORMATION                          

                                                   Great Grandsire    
SIRE NAME  Grandsire Great Granddam    
  Granddam Great Grandsire    
    Great Granddam    
    Great Grandsire    
Dam Name Grandsire Great Granddam    
  Granddam Great Grandsire    
    Great Granddam    

Please attach a copy of all pedigrees and other registrations on the dog for our verification purposes, and for our records.                                                     

 please attach good , clear pictures of this dog...
any additional comments/info on this dog/..

I certify that I am the owner of this dog and that all of the information I have provided is
true and correct,  to the best of my knowledge.

Signature of  owner__________________________________________________________________________








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 By registering your dog with NBA you are supporting our mission and goals for Olde English Bulldogges.

The NBA reserves the right to terminate registration of any dog at any time of persons who do not remain in good standing with the NBA.

 email photos please identify on the photo or in email: name, age, sex of the dog.


Please mark appropriate box:


[_] Registration Fee: $25. {Combination Registration/Pedigree Certificate}



[__]  Combination Registration/Pedigree Certificate w/ Color Picture: $30.*

        {Please include a minimum of 3 pictures for us to choose from for the

         Combination Registration/Pedigree Certificate w/ Color Picture.}


              Mail this form with appropriate Fee (money order) to: 


P. O. Box 293

Pelham, Tn. 37366

** Allow 2-4 weeks for processing your NBA Registration certificate **

                         *** Check out NBA online at: *****