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 A Message From Author, Robert Jenkins


"The Bulldog is not just a dog, but a living testimony to the wisdom and diligence of people long ago, who bred a fine and gallant warrior spirit into a powerhouse frame, and set it many tasks, from guardian over children, to companion in battle, to hunting and blood sport. And they bred an animal that was never found wanting.


It is also testimony to the ignorance, stupidity and short-sightedness of those who came later. Those who did their best to ruin the work of the founders of the breed, and turn a warrior of the most robust nature and health, into a thing of dandy's and ribbons. [that with many genetic health issues, and poor breathing, could no longer breed, whelp or survive on its own..]


It is testament to the foundation of the breed that the ruin done to the Bulldog is not final.  But the history of the bulldog is a living thing.  It is in our blood, like the history of the horse, the bow, the hunt, is in our blood.  And there are places where people carried on the work of the founders of the breed, and kept the true Bulldog alive.! [in the Olde English Bulldogge]

They used the animals they had access to, a natural sense, and a keen eye for what was good, and they kept the Bulldog of older times going.

 These people are usually quiet and modest. They donít make a hullabaloo or announce themselves to the world and demand trophies. They donít usually write columns in newspapers, or get to be interviewed on TV. They just breed great dogs, and expect the dogs to work and live alongside them,  and to be honest. To never be found wanting.


But just as the founders of the Bulldog
came together in taverns in the old world, or carved out tracts
of land in the new world and  gathered round the campfire,
these quiet guardians of the breed now come together in a club... 

The National Bulldogge Association and Registry


Like in the old taverns there is no one here who can stop them. This is their turf; their domain and they invite you to join, to share, and to discuss, for no more reason than the love of the breed, and the joy the breed brings to its friends!.


Whilst there are people who ask their bulldogs to work and run and play, to hunt and stand bold against the darkest nights, there is a light still burning.

 There are many people who donít like the idea of this Bulldog, [the Olde English Bulldogge] , perhaps they fear it, misunderstand it, or feel superior to those who help it exist. There are many who donít like the idea of people gathering to enjoy the breed, and who claim the only Bulldog is the animal we see in the KC [AKC] show rings...


  But let them make their claims and spread their slurs, it doesn't matter. Those who love this breed stand solid against critics, just
as their dogs stand solid and amused when a young mongrel displays bravado. It is clear to everything in creation which is the bulldog,

and which is the imitator! What matters is that the people running
the National Bulldogge Association deal in truth, and honesty.

  If you join here, and add your voice to the discussion and your number to the body  that is this NBA, you make a stand.  It wonít change the world, but it will help keep something of real value alive and well.  And it is important that we continue the tradition of the registry, and the club of Olde English Bulldogge owners everywhere


  If you disagree with some of what is said in this NBA, fine. Families do sometimes disagree. But donít  let those disagreements take you away. Have the scrap, then settle back down and enjoy being part of the past, present, and future of one of mankind's and natures better unions! The Bulldog is alive and well, and you are invited to meet him here along with the National Bulldogge Association."





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